These pages contain many types of imaginary cartography: political, historical, cultural, environmental, topological, urban maps and site plans. The goal is to create geographies like those of places on Earth, but entirely imaginary. Names, terrains and cultural patterns aim for verisimilitude, visual interest, reference or analogy rather than allegory, fantasy or surreality.

Selections from Atlas of the Imagination vol 1
Selected maps from the first book of imaginary maps I drew. These genre experiments range from very simple political maps to storytelling historical maps to intricate urban plans. Some worlds are repeated, but most stand alone.
Union Cities
A series of city maps drawn for the weddings of friends.
Miscellaneous Maps
Other maps I’ve done which are not part of an Atlas or collection.
Atlas of Urla
7 Maps of events and places from the history of the continent of Urla in a large folio format. From colonization through to modernity, the sequence of maps (with the exception of a star map) moves forward in time but also narrows in geographic focus, like zooming in on a digital map.
Explorations in the Infinite Lands (Abriged)
Selected maps from an unfinished book of historical maps. These maps are the kind of maps you might see in a history book: routes of exploration, battles, migrations, ancient pilgrim routes and ruins. Several series of maps are woven through, though most maps stand alone.
The Burning Lands
A set of 18 maps drawn on small cards. The are all unrelated and each in a different genre, though some themes are shared, including worlds undergoing climate change.